About Merkaba Agency, Inc.


Merkaba Agency, Inc. is a full service event design and production agency operating globally. 

While most of our clients operate in the San Francisco Bay Area or Maui, Hawaii, we support initiatives in any region as long as the client team we're working with has reliable internet access.


Merkaba Agency is made up of 100% remote, nomadic, independent talent, contractors, consultants, and producers - making global business not only possible, but lightweight and more affordable than ever before. 

Our international team can handle almost any complex event design project, from organizing travel for an entire production team to planning a 3-course meal inside a historic private estate to premiere your latest product innovation to investors, producing an over-the-top themed after party for a conference, or activating a massive branded lounge on the conference floor of your next target industry event. 


No matter how far your imagination can take you,

Merkaba Agency can help you produce the event of your wildest dreams.

"Our unique decentralized agency model allows us to engage with and maintain a library of talent in every element of production around the world. Tapping into this network, we work together to create unforgettable events that strive to be both an opulent experience while at the same time being a zero-waste, regenerative activity in the environment we're operating within."
- Kristin Maher, Founder and Managing Partner

Kristin Maher

Executive Producer, Agency Founder

Lead Producer, Partnerships Manager, VR developer, temple dancer, and space nerd - Kristin is the day-to-day contact for all primary accounts and talent within the Merkaba Agency universe.

She combines 8+ years traditional corporate advertising and PR agency experience with extensive large scale, multi-day music festival & professional conference production to execute flawless live events around the world. 

"From analytics to social strategy to creativity, Kristin has the goods. Hard working, present and always ready with a new perspective, Kristin is the goods."


Jamie King | CEO, Camp + King

"A great combination of thoughtful, intellectual, problem solver and articulate presenter. Kristin's approach is not simply to get the work done (and aggressively) but to always bring in new thinking, ideas and perspectives. A great example of how curiosity consistently makes work and results more interesting, higher quality and with a more substantial impact." 

Ephraim Cohen | SVP & Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard NY

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