About Merkaba Agency, Inc.

Merkaba Agency, Inc. is a consulting group focused on creative marketing, advertising and production solutions.

The firm operates primarily in the state of California and exclusively within the United States of America.

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Kristin Maher

Primary Agent

"A great combination of thoughtful, intellectual, problem solver and articulate presenter. Kristin's approach is not simply to get the work done (and aggressively) but to always bring in new thinking, ideas and perspectives. A great example of how curiosity consistently makes work and results more interesting, higher quality and with a more substantial impact." 

Ephraim Cohen | General Manager, FleishmanHillard NYC


"From analytics to social strategy to creativity, Kristin has the goods. Hard working, present and always ready with a new perspective, Kristin is the goods."


Jamie King | CEO, Camp + King


"There are typically two types of people in the workforce. Tireless hard workers who grind through and get the job done and those who are crazy smart and can solve problems in their sleep. When you find someone with a combination of both traits, consider yourself lucky.

I was lucky to have the chance to work with Kristin for nearly a year and a half where she was an analyst on my team. Kristin took on all assignments and insisted on delivering on-time and accurate reports consistently.

I highly recommend Kristin's work to anyone considering working with her in the future."


Colby Vogt | Global EVP, Business Intelligence at DEVRIES GLOBAL


"Kristin is a great person with a big heart for everyone. She is honest, hardworking, trustworthy and reliable. You can expect those qualities on every job you assigned to Kristin, will be done immediately and efficiently.


Mark Johansen | Safety & Occupational & Health Specialist, US ARMY